The PCS That Will Never End

Guys, our PCS has been a nightmare. Something that started so smooth has ended badly. I want to be sure to tell you all about it so it doesn’t happen to you and I will keep you updated on the claims process because I’ve heard it’s a monster.

Being in the military, we are subject to moving a lot. I thought we were better prepared for this move than our last two. Our first PCS, which the military did, was amazing. Absolutely no issues besides one missing box (which had nothing important in it) and a couple bangs on the furniture which is to be expected. Our second PCS we did ourselves so it was fine. This one. This one will never end. Our packers were awesome. They came in and did everything. One day, packed up and the next packed the truck. Our trouble started after the packers took the truck to wherever it was supposed to go.

So our truck left the house, we left the house, and we thought all was well. Once we were in Florida, my husband called to check and see how soon we could have our stuff delivered. At this point we had no address, he was just trying to find out the soonest we could get our stuff so we could figure out the house situation. We were told the truck had another shipment to pick up but would be in the Orlando area on the 19th AT THE LATEST.

Hubs and I were a bit frazzled because this left us 3 days to find a house. We were told the driver would call when he was in the area. This never happened but we weren’t too concerned because we didn’t have a house yet. We ended up finding a house on the 20th and on the 21st hubs called to find out where our stuff was. At this point, no one really knew what was going on but we were told by the moving company that they would call the truck company to figure out what was going on and call us back in a hour. This didn’t happen. Hubs called back and after being on hold for what seemed like forever, we were told that our stuff was on its way and should be in the area on Monday. They were told that the driver had an emergency and another driver had to meet the truck to take over the route. HA! We were also told if the driver hadn’t called by Sunday to call first thing Monday morning. We gave the company our address, set a delivery date for Tuesday the 25th and took a deep, cleansing breath because our stuff was on its way and would be at the house shortly. Again…HA!

We never heard from the driver over the weekend. First thing Monday we called. Again, no clue where our stuff was. At this point, I was extremely frustrated. Hubs less so but frustrated none-the-less. We got a call back that our stuff would be delivered that afternoon. UH…WHAT?! We were on the opposite coast so this was a problem. After a few phone calls by the hubs it was determined by the actual truck company that our stuff would be delivered on Wednesday 26th first thing in the morning. So hubs left on Tuesday, got all our utilities set up and awaited the arrival of our stuff. On Wednesday time ticked by and no stuff. Around 9:30 am, hubs called the van lines and was told our stuff would be there between 10 and 12. Our stuff showed up around 2pm. Awesome. Then when the truck showed up, no movers were there to actually move the stuff. I seriously can’t make this up. My husband and the driver started unloading the truck while waiting AN HOUR AND A HALF on movers to help.  Once they showed up the stuff was thrown in the house and that was that.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet guys. The BEST part of the entire PCS. WATER DAMAGE. I know what you’re thinking. Your stuff was in a truck. How the heck could there possibly be water damage.  There was a hole in the top of the truck. Not huge. But a hole none-the-less. Our shipment NEVER LEFT NORTH CAROLINA like we were told. When the driver called Tuesday night to confirm our address he told Hubs that he was JUST LEAVING NC and our stuff probably would be there closer to 12. From the sounds of it, our stuff, sat in a hot truck with a hole on the top, outside in the elements, for 3 WEEKS.

Our queen mattress and box spring-ruined. My daughter’s box spring-ruined. But the best was a box of my personal stuff. Pictures from my childhood that I can’t get back. Yearbooks from Elementary school through High School, that I can’t get back. All the stuff from my Father-in-Laws funeral that we brought back…ruined. My business diploma (luckily I can get a replacement)-ruined. Along with other things that can’t be replaced. Then there were a few boxes with the boys clothes that had mold and mildew on them. Stuffed animals of my daughter’s. A set of margarita glasses growing mold. I mean COME ON. The one thing that I would never expect to happen while moving…water damage.

Husband starts in-processing this week and we will start the claims process. I will keep all my military followers updated on what happens. I will never trust a moving company with my stuff again.



3 thoughts on “The PCS That Will Never End

  1. Grammie says:

    Sounds like u have really had it. It is always the things you can’t replace in water or fire damage that just make you sick. I feel so sorry for all of u

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