7 Years Ago

7 years ago this very day I met my baby girl. I can still recall every detail of that day. I remember going to the hospital at 3am. I remember being scared. I remember my husband driving too fast on an almost empty gas tank. I remember being monitored. I remember contractions coming regularly 1-2 minutes apart for a good hour and then I remember my contractions slowing down and stopping completely.

I was asked if I wanted to meet my baby that day (by being induced) and I remember saying, “YES” very loudly because contractions were a lot more painful than I had previously thought. At that point, I remember being told by my nurses that we would be there all day and we might see baby late that night or tomorrow (this was around 8am) and I remember meeting my baby girl at 11:59 am.


These last 7 years have flown by. I have seen my daughter learn and grow. From sitting up the first time to going to Kindergarten, to learning how to read, she has grown. She has grown from my precious baby girl, to my sweet little girl, and now to my beautiful young lady. She is the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful, talented, and sweet girl in the entire world. Every day I am amazed by her.


So to my beautiful daughter,

You are loved. You are loved more than you’ll ever know. I am blessed to be your Mom. Mr. Chaos is blessed to be your dad and your brothers…well they may not know it yet but they have an amazing big sister. You love and care for them and I know you will always protect them. And I hope you know that your father and I will do anything for you and will always protect you. You, you are our everything. You are our baby girl. Forever and always you will always be our baby girl.

Happy 7th Birthday Little Miss. You are our world.



One thought on “7 Years Ago

  1. Grammie says:

    Our little lady has always been my Princess. Everyone always thinks they have the perfect child but I have never seen anyone more perfect in all ways. I hope she is always just as kind,sweet and considerate person as she is now. I love her so much.

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