What I Think

It’s been too long since my last post which means things are crazy around here. Here’s what I think about it all

*Moving is crazy. I’ve moved a few times and this time has definitely been the most crazy. I credit that to my three crazies aka my kids. They’ve been amazingly awesome through it all though.

*We’re still not in our own place. Hopefully that changes next week and we can move from one coast of Florida to the other especially since Hubs has to report to his new unit pretty soon. And by pretty soon I mean 10 days.


*I haven’t run in a week. Whoops. In all honesty though, I miss it. The problem is that here in Florida I have to be done running no later than 8 am or I die from the heat OR I could run around 7 at night but then dinner is all sorts of messed up. So there’s that. But I will get back to it. Because even though I hate it, I miss it.

*Baby boy has gone from barely pulling himself up on things to pulling himself up ALL. THE. TIME. So we’re constantly chasing after him since he also decided cruising around the furniture is fun as well as knocking everything off the coffee table. He’s a busy boy.


*This girl turns 7 on Monday. So yeah. I’m in tears every day because she’s getting to big. I’m not really in tears but I truly can’t believe that she’s about to be 7. And instead of a birthday party, she’s getting a special surprise which will be revealed later 😉

*And last but not least, I’m hoping to see some changes around this here blog soon. Be on the look out for those. It should be fun. Crazy but fun. And crazy defines my life so it’s fitting.

And that’s that. I hope to be writing more soon. Very soon.


One thought on “What I Think

  1. Grammie says:

    I know it has been rough on you but things will be better soon. I can’t believe Lil Miss will be 7. She is such a sweet little lady. She certainly has been raised right. Everyone loves her that knows her. I am glad I can go to her birthday.

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