10 Months-An Update

I had no idea what I was going to write today. I only knew that I wanted to write something. Then I looked at the date and sort of did a double take. The 13th. The 13th?! That means my baby turned 10 months old yesterday. YESTERDAY.

Oi. I know every time I write these updates I say I can’t believe he’s growing so fast but I truly can’t believe he’s already 10 months. My baby boy. My last little baby is 10 months old and this makes me all sorts of happy and all sorts of sad.

10 months. Okay. Here it is. Baby boy hasn’t changed much. He’s still as laid back as ever. He’s been a tad more cranky the past week but that’s because he’s got 3 teeth pushing their way in. I’d be a tad cranky too.

10months2He’s absolutely hilarious and goes from serious to funny back to serious in seconds. He takes everything in. Watches his brother and sister like a hawk and lately has started chasing them down when they’re running away. He pulls himself up and we’re working on cruising around the furniture. He’s still a little cautious when taking little steps but once he realizes he won’t fall, he’s all for it.


10 months

He has a blanket for his lovie, is fascinated with toys and best of all he scrunches his little legs up when he’s sitting down. It’s adorable. Bath time or any time the kid is near water is his favorite time. He LOVES water. I can’t tell you this enough. I think he would live in the bath if he could. He has a fake cry for when he wants nothing more than for you to hold him when you’re not and he’s recently become picky about his foods. If they look weird or has a weird texture he’s not sure about it. But give the kid some cheese and he’s all about it. Cheese and pasta and veggies. Not big on the fruit but that’s mostly because of the textures there. And as for drinking..water…he loves it. The first of my children to absolutely love drinking water. He takes after his Momma on that one. Mr. Chaos hates water. Me, LOVE it.

10 months3

And then there’s the fact that he loves being outdoors. You have to slather his sensitive skin in sunscreen but he LOVES the outdoors. All my kids do. Give him the sun and a sandbox and he’s a happy kid. I think he played in the sandbox for a good 45 minutes yesterday before I had to drag him in for bath time because his brother and sister decided to pour water into the sand. But that’s a story for a different day.

In a nutshell he’s a happy kid. And what’s sad is that he is a kid. I can no longer say he’s a happy baby. He’s no longer a baby. But he’s a happy kid and I love him and his sweet face more and more every day.

So now the comparison.

9 months


and now….10 months


Sweet boy ❤



One thought on “10 Months-An Update

  1. Grammie says:

    Everything u said is so true, so you are not bragging. I don’t think I ever saw a happier baby. He is a joy to have around. I find it hard to think of him being 10months old. We don’t have a baby anymore!!!!

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