Murphy’s Law

I was all set this morning to write a happy, upbeat post. I had it in my head that today would be a good day and not only would it be a good day  but my mood would take a turn for the better. I was good. I had my mind set. Today would be a good day and I would be in a happy, happy mood.

Then this thing called Murphy’s Law hit. You all know it right. Basically everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong making your mood not a happy one and your day not a good one. Let me explain.

*We had to replace our dishwasher because it broke. It broke a few months ago but me, the researcher of all the things until I finally make a decision months later, finally ordered it, set the delivery and install date and BOOM. New dishwasher. Except, while I paid for installation, we were informed by the very nice installation guys that they couldn’t install it because it has PVC pipe and only a certified plumber can install ones that have PVC pipe for warranty issues. OK. No worries. Enter husband. Enter Mr. Fix it. And he did. No leaks or nothing. Perfect.

*The very next day we had the refrigerator repair guy come out to look at our freezer that wasn’t defrosting correctly plus a broken ice maker. I was all set to pay a certain amount. And I researched the problem, the parts, and shot high for the price I was ready to pay. And then said repair man said, in a nutshell, that our freezer was not going to be fixed because it would take $700 to repair (after all parts, labor, and a 1 year warranty). Which meant that basically, we needed a new fridge. Cue freak out. But we figured it out and new fridge will be here on Tuesday.

*And then this morning, because Murphy wasn’t done yet, I sat down to write my happy, not going to let any of that bother me post, only to find out that my internet and cable were out and possibly until 8pm. Uh what? 8pm. Really. So my happy post has turned into this.

But it’s OK. It’s all going to be OK and as long as I keep telling myself that, I just might believe it.



One thought on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Grammie says:

    It looks like you have replaced the whole house. Nothing is ever simple. The nice part is your coming to Florida!!!!!!!

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