Memorial Day

Memorial Day.

I think we, as Americans, have forgotten what this day is truly about. We see it as a long weekend. A chance to have BBQ’s and take a nice weekend trip. We see it as a holiday. We even tell people “Happy Memorial Day.” But for those that this day is about, it is not a happy day. It is far from a happy day and I think that we’ve truly lost sight of that.

Memorial Day.


Today is about our fallen service men and women. Those who gave all, the ultimate sacrifice to protect us. To protect our freedoms. Today is about their families. The ones who had to say goodbye to their loved one much too soon. Today, we remember them, we thank them, and we thank their families. So today, while your having that BBQ, while your laughing with friends and family, look up to the sky and say thank you.


To all those who have lost a service member, I will be thinking of you today. I will be praying for you and your families, I will be thanking your brave son or daughter, your brave husband or wife and your brave father or mother. I will be thanking your best friend. And I will never forget their sacrifice and yours.



One thought on “Memorial Day

  1. Grammie says:

    So true. I lost my brother in WW2 and you never forget when we put the flag up this morning it makes me think about all the ones that gave so much so that we can fly our flag everyday. Thank you to all Service Men for all they give,so that we can have our freedom. They give so much of themselves for all of us. Hats off to them.

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