9 Months-An Update

With everything that’s been going on the past week I completely forgot to mention that my baby….this sweet baby


he turned 9 months old on the 12th. 9 MONTHS PEOPLE. That means in just 3 short months, I have to throw him his first birthday. Cue tears falling down my face. I’m not ready for my baby to not be a baby anymore but um…he’s kinda already not. He looks more and more like a little boy every day.


See what I mean….he’s such a sweet little boy. So here’s a quick recap:

* The kid is quick. You set him down and the next thing you know he’s gone, crawling somewhere, and getting into something. He makes me realize how dirty my floors are even though I clean them every other day.


*If you place a hat on his head, it will be off in 0.5 seconds. I know this because I took him to the baby section of Target and proceeded to put every single hat on the kid’s head. Can I tell you how adorable he looked in all of them for that 0.5 seconds. Adorable.

*Kid loves to eat, hates bottles, and will now only use sippy cups. He’ll eat pretty much anything you give him. He loves his veggies for now. I know that will change as he gets closer to the toddler years. I can’t believe I just said toddler years about my baby. STOP GROWING.


*He wants nothing more to walk but isn’t there quite yet.

*Dogs make him laugh hysterically.

*He loves playing hide and seek. When I use my phone to take a picture he tries to peak around the corner to see me. It’s pretty cute.


*He loves the outdoors

*Loves, LOVES water. Bath time may be his favorite time.

*Sleeps like a champ

*talks up a storm and his recent favorite has become DADA! His dad was pretty happy about this development.

*Loves playing with his brother and sister. It kills him that he’s not as fast so I see walking in the nearish future.

My kid is happy. He has his bad days and moments but for the most part, he’s super laid back and just smiles and laughs. I love him. I love him bunches and need time to stop so he doesn’t grow anymore.

So now for the comparison. Last month…8 months old


and now, my sweet sweet boy


**A quick note**

Today. Today is my Dad’s birthday. Today my Dad turns 60 and I wish that I could be there to celebrate this day with him. But he’ll have to settle for us celebrating in just a few short weeks. Happy Birthday DAD!


One thought on “9 Months-An Update

  1. Grammie says:

    He sure is a happy boy and so cute. You couldn’t help but love him if you tried and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t. He is so happy most of time. Going to see everyone soon. Hurrah!!!

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