Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Today has been dubbed Military Spouse Appreciation Day and here’s my two cents

It’s hard to be a spouse period. Being married is hard and requires a lot of work and love for the other person. I loved my husband before he was a soldier and I will love that man after he retires. I will love him for the rest of my life.

I don’t talk a lot about the military on my blog because I try not to let it define me. Define my family. We are a military family but we are so much more. Many people believe the worst about military spouse and call our children Army (or any other branch) brats. They think we believe we are entitled to things we aren’t and believe that we have these great adventures and some do. But we also have deployments, week to month long field exercises when our spouses don’t get to come home. Training at other bases. PTSD. Solo parenting for months on end. Children lashing out at us because they don’t understand why their mommys and daddys are gone.

You see the movies depicting this fairytale.  This “being apart makes you stronger” crap and the best…the amazing and wonderful homecoming scenes. I hate the homecoming scenes the most because homecomings are the best and worst days. And of course, there’s the ever so lovely PTSD that no one wants to talk about. Not the soldier, not the spouse, not anyone.

Military life isn’t for everyone and everyone isn’t for military life. I have days I love the military and days I hate it. But no matter what, I will support my husband and all of our troops because they are the ones protecting my freedoms.

So to my military spouse friends, I applaud you. I love you. And I am always here for you. Our lives aren’t easy but we do it any way.



2 thoughts on “Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  1. Grammie says:

    Well said. As for me I am so proud of all of you, for u r the ones that makes our freedom so that we can enjoy the things we like to do and take for granted too often. The Wives give up alot more than we can imagine. I love all of you.

  2. AJ says:

    It’s good to have a realistic view of military life. What I hate the most is that when a military spouse needs to complain about something going wrong and her friends tell her to suck it up, that military life was a choice, or that it can’t be that bad. Obviously, it can be that bad. And it can be that good. It just depends. And we all need to be comfortable discussing the full range of our emotions. Anyway, in my opinion, we can’t make things better until we know what needs to be fixed. Complaints have their place.

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