The Story of Big Bear

The story of Big Bear goes a little something like this. When my mom was a baby, she had a ginormous stuffed bear that she LOVED. Apparently, she climbed and cuddled with that bear a lot. Like All. The. Time.

So when this last Christmas rolled around, my grandmother ran into this big, ginormous teddy bear at the store and she wanted so bad to get that ginormous bear for her new great grandson. She called me and asked and I knew that if Baby Chaos didn’t play with that bear it would still see plenty of playtime.

Enter Little Miss.

My daughter is a stuffed animal hoarder. She has no less than 100 stuffed animals that she plays with All. The. Time. Typically, her bed is full of them to the point that I don’t know how she fits in the thing. It’s like a stuffed animal village or something. About twice a year, she goes through and donates them, all 5 or 6 that she can actually say goodbye to. This last time she tried to get rid of her brother’s stuffed animals instead of hers. Nice try Little Miss. Nice try. And whenever she gets to pick out a toy with money of her own or for rewards and such, 99.999% of the time, the first thing she picks…a stuffed animal.

So I knew that this big ginormous teddy bear would be loved. First by Little Miss and still by Little Miss…it’s in her bed every night. Little Man has tried to steal it away to no avail because he also loves that ginormous teddy bear. And now, now Baby Chaos has found his love for the bear.

ginormous bear

Whenever his sister lets him play with it which is basically when Mommy drags her away from it.


Ginormous teddy bear FOR THE WIN!


One thought on “The Story of Big Bear

  1. Grammie says:

    That baby is so cute and that smile is too darling. He has a wonderful disposition We know how much Lil Miss loves stuffed animals Lil Man hasn’t got a chance!!!they all are so precious.

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