The Great Balloon Fight of 2013

It happened. One of the most epic battles in history happened in my backyard.

The Great Balloon Fight of 2013.

How something so silly turned into an all out war, I will never know. But it did. Something that started like this

balloon fight

turned into this

balloon fight 2

rather quickly. The fight was as fair as balloon fights go. Little Miss, of course, had the advantage because of her height but don’t count out Little Man…he’s small and agile. He held his own. Whack after whack, laugh after laugh. But ultimately, the Great Balloon Fight of 2013 ended and there was a clear winner.


My girl. She won. Clearly her height gave her a good whacking advantage and she got numerous whacks in on Little Man’s head. And one ended with a, “MOM!!!!” and a little boy running towards me wanting nothing more than some cuddles because he knew. He had been defeated. That moment was the end of the Great Balloon Fight of 2013. I’m not going to sit here and say that there won’t be a part 2 to this war but for now, it’s over and Little Miss holds the title of victor. For now. Little Man has already asked me to buy more balloons so I’m thinking he’s trying to plan his strike. His strike to overthrow Little Miss. To get his revenge. Balloon style.


One thought on “The Great Balloon Fight of 2013

  1. Grammie says:

    It is good to see them have so much fun with balloons. Lil miss needs to fight on her knees!!!! Then Lil man would have a better chance!!! Don’t count on that. Lol

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