Case of the Mondays

So uh..guys. I don’t work. I mean, I do. All day. But I don’t *technically* have a job. But even though I don’t have a job I totally have a case of the Mondays today. Big HUGE case of the Mondays.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten stuff done but not as much as I *should* have gotten done at this point in the day. For example…my workout…uh..what workout. And getting dressed. No…YOU’RE still in your yoga pants at 1:00 on Monday.

Don’t judge me and please don’t tell Mr. Chaos…because he’ll totally judge me. And give me the, “I don’t go and work hard all day so you can just sit in your yoga pants speech.”

Ok I’m joking on that last part. He won’t give me that little speech but he might give me a dirty look or two. Which is fine. And I’ll be out of my yoga pants and fully dressed by the time he gets home. Unless he surprises me and comes home early so I should probably get dressed kinda sorta soonish.

So I have a case of the Mondays which means RANDOM BLOG POST!

And random blog post typically means, “say hello to all my instagram pictures that I haven’t had time to share on this here blog yet.”

Exciting. I know.


So this is the amount of limes I had for our Cinco de Mayo celebration yesterday. I have one left. I have lots of recipes to share too.


And at some point this was my kitchen yesterday. I *may* have baked a few things.


Sweetfrog frozon yogurt. SWEEETFROG FROZEN YOGURT. It’s good. REALLY GOOD. It was much needed and I haven’t been able to get rid of the froyo (that’s what the cool kids call frozen yogurt these days) craving since I had it. Every day I crave it and every day I find an excuse not to get in my car and drive the 3 minutes to get it. Mmmm….And now I want froyo.


Look at Little Man’s expression in this picture. Priceless. Also, my daughter. She’s not so little anymore and I have realized this past week that she may actually be turning into a young lady and is not so much a little girl anymore. And now I’m going to go cry about that.

Last week was a tough one on this sweet baby too. It was a lot of this that would suddenly turn into this


in a matter of seconds. Sweet baby needs to get those top teeth in. Any day now please.


He’s also said bye bye to bottles. Hates them. Bring on the sippy cups!


It seems Little Man is boycotting his bed. One day I found him sleeping at the top of the stairs and a few days later I woke up to get Little Miss ready for school and um….there he was. Methinks it’s time for that twin bed.


And last but certainly not least on this wonderful Monday, we had to get a new one of these. Isn’t she purty. She works amazing too. And a new kitchen faucet. And we are looking for a new dishwasher. UGH. So many things to do to get this house rent ready. SO MANY THINGS and here I am, still in my yoga pants.

Case of the Mondays people. Case of the Mondays.


2 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays

  1. Grammie says:

    I kinda had that same day, only I don’t think I had that much fun yesterday as u did. Lol. Those kids r so adorable that always picks u up. Hope tomorrow is better for u.

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