Happy Dance Friday

Not only is today Friday but today…today we got orders. ORDERS IN HAND PEOPLE which pretty much makes everything official. And for once, it’s not deployment orders.

This morning we got our PCS orders. We’re no strangers to the PCS game. This will be our 3rd. From North Carolina to Georgia back to North Carolina and now….

Where you ask? Oh I’ll tell ya…




Back to our Family. Back to the beaches and tanned skin. Back to tiki bars and flip flops all year long. Back to surfing and fun. Back home. HOME!

We’re moving home y’all and I am happy dancing it up on this beautiful Friday!


9 thoughts on “Happy Dance Friday

  1. Grammie says:

    Wonderful NEWS!!!!!!! I am happy for all of u and selfishly happy for myself. I
    I miss all of u so much. The sooner the better.

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