In the Exercise Groove

It’s happened people. I finally did it. I am finally in the exercise groove. You know…where all you want to do is workout. I’m not the only one who feels this way…right? RIGHT?!?!


Whenever I start exercising, I have to force myself to this point. To the point where I actually enjoy exercising. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it makes me tired. But guys, those happy endorphins make it all worth it. Especially when you’re battling with PPD (a post for another day and soon I promise). Those endorphins make me happy and give me so much energy until about 9 anyways. I crave those endorphins. I really, truly do.

I get a lot of people asking me what I do to stay thin and what I do for my exercise and all I can say is this…I love food. I eat. I eat healthy about 95% of the time because, the honest truth, I LOVE healthy food. Fruits, veggies…I’ll eat it all. I eat the things I love that are bad for me on a limited basis and in moderation because guys…I won’t ever give up food. Any food. Ever.

Right now I exercise 6 days a week. 4 of those days I do calisthenics followed by a minimum of a 1 mile run. I try to go at least 1.5 miles. Calisthenics are a must as are weights. They will not make you get huge, they will help you tone what you have. Currently I’m doing pyramid type workouts. I’ve written about these before. They go a little something like this:

50 squats

40 lunges

30 calf raises

20 crunches

10 pushups

1 min plank

10 pushups

20 crunches

30 calf raises

40 lunges

50 squats

And you do that for time. 20 minutes as many times as you can. That workout is one I just came up with and probably not the best. I will be posting my workouts in the coming weeks. They are fast intensity and you will be sore the next day but that’s all good. I’m hoping to get into the Crossfit scene soon with Mr. Chaos. Kinda really excited about that.

The other 2 days I workout I do a minimum of a 2 mile run, trying to go further every time until I reach 5k length. I’m almost there.

I’m in the exercise groove people and I love it. If I can do it with 3 kids, anyone can do it. The trick is to put the excuses away and just get out there and do it. No more excuses. It’s time.









2 thoughts on “In the Exercise Groove

  1. Meghan says:

    yay! i get on that kick and hubs gets pretty annoyed with me cuz every free minute i wanna hit the gym. i think he’s jealous of the gym 😉 But oh man, does it feel good to workout!

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