8 Months-An Update

On Friday, my little baby turned 8 months old. I seriously can’t believe we are here. 8 months. 4 months away from his first birthday.

Le sigh

To those of you who are pregnant or to those who want babies in the future and your friends tell you to enjoy everything, even the bad times because it goes too fast. LISTEN. Because it does. This is my last baby and he’s 4 months away from his first birthday.

So 8 months. What has my baby done since his last update. Oh lordy. This kid. Seriously, all smiles. He has his bad hour every now and then but most of the time he just smiles. Anytime I look at him, he flashes me a smile. It’s the most precious thing in the entire world. He also can be very serious and takes in everything. He watches everyone so closely, especially his brother and sister. He thinks the dog is hilarious and the dog barking can sometimes get his laughing pretty hard. Adorable.

8 months

And the boy is reaching for everything. Goodness gracious. I sit him on the floor and next thing I know he’s trying to grab something and soon after that he’s on his belly and then on his hands and knees a rockin back and forth. He’s almost (SO CLOSE) to crawling. I give him a week to figure out how to move his hands and knees to go forward because he’s got this backwards thing down. He crawls BACKWARDS people and of course scoots his butt backwards but whenever he’s trying to crawl he moves his knees backwards instead of forward. Hilarious.

As for eating. He’s a champ. He is still taking about 4 bottles but hates them. We might have to move to the sippy cup soon. He loves real food and eats pretty much whatever you give him. Especially cheese. Kid loves his cheese.


Baby boy has learned to pull himself up but is definitely not a pro at it….yet. It takes him a minute to do it but once he does, he’s so proud of himself. He loves being outside and is still sleeping like a champ. He’s talking up a storm and has “Ma, Ba, and Ga” down. We’re working on this whole daddy thing. He hates being in a room by himself and loves to be held. He even does this hug thing that melts my heart every. single. time.

He’s my baby and he’s growing up way too fast! So now the comparison…

7 months


and now my 8 month baby



2 thoughts on “8 Months-An Update

  1. Grammie says:

    He is such a happy baby. He is growing so fast, don’t turn your head or he will be going to school!! They don’t stay babies very long. Give all of them a big kiss from me.

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