Meal Planning Fun..Or Not

There are few things in this world that I really truly loathe. That’s right LOATHE. Don’t get me wrong people, there are lots of things I may not like or be too fond of but loathe…nope. Loathing something takes a lot…But of course, there are a few things I could do without in my life. A few things that I loathe.

Lima Beans-LOATHE


Meal Planning-LOATHE

I know you think I may be being a bit dramatic but guys, I truly loathe meal planning. It’s the worst. But here’s why. I don’t like making the same things over and over. I like variety in my meals. I have some sort of rotation but for the most part, I make something different every day of the week for a couple weeks before I repeat. This is because I’m me and have to have that variety but it makes meal planning tough. I follow lots of foodie blogs and am constantly searching pinterest for food ideas. And I try my hardest to plan days before I have to go to the store. But here I am, Wednesday, and I have to go to the store tomorrow. You wanna see my meal plan? Here it is…








So um yeah. About that. Meal planning. It’s for the birds and I would totally stop but here’s the kicker. Not only does it save me money at the store and not only do I waste less food but I LOVE waking up knowing what I’m cooking later. Knowing what prep work lies ahead. Knowing what days I probably won’t be running because dinner will be taking longer to make that particular night. And so I meal plan and torture myself coming up with new meal ideas. So if anyone has any meals they would LOVE to share….I’m all for it because…it’s Wednesday and I’ve got nothing.



3 thoughts on “Meal Planning Fun..Or Not

  1. Meghan says:

    Awe, I can’t side with you on this one. I like meal planning. I love grocery shopping too (sans kid & husband). Theres something about the listing and couponing and prep work that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unlike you, I don’t mind the same meals every week, so I ususally buy the same stuff. And I only shop once every 3 weeks, so the last week when we’re stretching it, we need to get creative, which can be stressful, but fun too.

    As for meal ideas…. we do lots of stirfrys. White rice in the cooker, saute some veggies & meat, throw together.

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