Our Florida Vacay

So we’re back from our vacation.

Argh. No, I don’t want to be back and I have to say that getting up to get Little Miss to school today was extremely hard. Not because we got to sleep in while in Florida (Baby boy was doing everything an hour earlier so that was fun) but just because it was back to reality. But we had a good trip to Florida, seeing family and friends and, even though I was sick for most of it, the hubs and I got some good date nights in which is a win right there. And believe it or not, I barely took any pictures. GASP! I know. It was actually nice taking a break from the camera. But, don’t you worry, I snapped plenty of phone pictures because I’m slightly addicted to instagram so yeah. Here ya go.


Of course the weather was GORGEOUS the majority of our time there so we spent lots of time outside going for walks (Little Man would go for three or four a DAY) and just soaking in the sun. We went to the zoo one day and I got to meet up with one of my besties and reconnect with her which guys…was awesome. I love her so so much and she has the most adorable baby boy along with two beautiful stepkids. But you want to know the funny thing about the zoo. It has this water area which is awesome and the kids…they didn’t want to leave. We went to the zoo and didn’t see a single animal except for the fish in the fish tank in the water area. HA!


And after that zoo trip, all Little Man wanted to do was play in water, look at water, do anything water related. We also got to celebrate Easter with our families which was wonderful minus the fact that I developed an awesome fever on Easter and had to go home while at my Grandparents. Seriously guys, I’m still sick. Better, but still sick. But that didn’t stop the hubs and I from going on date nights and just spending time with one another, something we don’t do a lot here at home. I mean, three kids guys. It’s hard to go out.


We just relaxed and enjoyed each others company which was a nice change. And, I have to brag on my husband for a minute, during our trip the E-7 promotion list came out and HUBS IS GETTING PROMOTED! WOOT! I’m so so proud of him. He worked his butt off this past year and this promotion is well deserved. Congrats Mr. Chaos! You’re amazing and an awesome soldier and leader ❤

All in all a great trip. I have to share one last set of pictures of my baby boy who, whenever I point my phone at, now plays peek-a-boo with me and it is totally adorable.


Seriously…the cuteness. These were taken on Easter and soon after Baby Chaos fell victim to my sickness that he’s still fighting. My poor sweet boy.

And now that we’re back, I get to clean because my house…it is a disaster which always seems to happen after we get back from a trip. Until next time Florida…


4 thoughts on “Our Florida Vacay

  1. Grammie says:

    I was thrilled to have all of u in FL. Having Kendall stay all night was the thrill of the whole trip. She us such a beautiful and smart young lady!!!! I know she had a good time and had a wonderful time with her Aunt Jan. Especially her manicure and pedicure!!!!! Seeing the baby the first time was a thrill as he is such a happy boy. Lil man is so handsome and so sweet. I enjoyed all of them. I am proud of Mr. Chaos and Mom always amazes me how she takes perfect care of all of them. Can’t wait till next visit!!! Love all of u.

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