Mover and Shaker

My daughter…

So here’s the story. One day, we were watching some cartoons. One came on that was about show and tell at school and Little Miss looked confused. She asked me 800 million questions about show and tell. Don’t you remember show and tell guys? I used to LOVE show and tell at school. Maybe. Maybe not because I was super shy when I was younger. I don’t remember if I loved it or not but I do remember show and tell. I explained everything to Little Miss and y’all…she was fascinated. So what did my girl do?


The very next day my girl went to her teacher and asked if they could have show and tell at school. Her teacher said she’d think about it and guys…guess what? Today they are having their first ever show and tell day at school and it’s all because of my little girl. I tell you, she is just like her Daddy that one. When she wants something to happen, she makes it happen. Mover and shaker…she’s going to do lots of amazing things in her life ❤


One thought on “Mover and Shaker

  1. Grammie says:

    She is so beautiful. Wonder what she showed and told!!!! Lol. I will ask her when she gets here. Just 7 more days but who Is counting.

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