7 Months-An Update

How are we here? How am I writing this 7 month update for my baby boy?

7 Months..wow. Just wow. Ok so here’s the deal. Baby boy is awesome. Seriously. He’s so happy and laid back. He really only cries when he’s sleepy. He is always smiling and takes in everything. The boy will just sit and stare at you when you’re doing something and he takes in everything that you’re doing.


Drool is everywhere now and he still hasn’t gotten his little teeth in. He seems to be taking after his big brother on that one. Teething and teething hard. We get lots of squeals and screams al0ng with everything still going in the mouth to be chewed until it can’t be chewed anymore. Also…we definitely are done with baby food. He hates it. So it’s officially table food or, if we’re not eating something he can have, fruits and veggies. He’s pretty easy to please in the food department and while he doesn’t get a whole lot of real food in his belly, he’s working on it. He’s getting pretty good at using the spoon and we’re working on our sippy cup skills.

PicMonkey Collage

The kid loves his feet. and rolls everywhere. He’s really working on getting on his knees more and more although he doesn’t seem to fond of it. Little Miss was the same and skipped crawling altogether and I’m not forcing the issue of crawling because…well then he’s mobile and I will have lots more chasing to do. But the kid reaches for everything. EVERYTHING. If you have anything near you while you’re holding him, he will try to grab it. He also is pretty good at turning himself around in circles while on the floor. It’s pretty amusing. And he can most definitely stand up by himself while holding on to something. So maybe he’ll crawl and maybe he’ll just cruise around and walk. We shall see 😉


We’ve got a few sounds going too. Mostly “ga” but he’s working on getting a “da” out there. And he’s still sleeping great. I’ve been very blessed with three kids who actually love to sleep. He’s usually down between 8 and 9:30 at night and wakes up sometime around 6:30. He loves sleeping with blankets because he’s a huge snuggler but he’s been pulling them up over his face recently so we’ve taken them out for the time being. Him and his brother are doing GREAT sleeping in the same room. I have to admit, I was very worried about them in the same room together at night but Little Man loves having his brother in there with him. They’re going to be great friends, I can tell.

So now for the comparison:



and now…7 MONTHS



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