Brain Scramble

Lots going on here people. LOTS. So much that my brain is a scrambled mess. And when my brain is a scrambled mess you get a very random post.

1. The kids caught colds which is awesome (not really) and luckily haven’t been passed to me and the hubs. Although I did wake up with a scratchy throat this morning so there’s that.


And I know they’re really not feeling well when they sit together and don’t fight. At all. Because when these two are around each other, they’re typically fighting. It’s fun (not) and we so enjoy all the arguing (not in the least).

Then there’s the fact that Little Miss let me actually *gasp* TAKE. HER. PICTURE.


Yeah she totally didn’t feel good and had no energy to run away. Her cold only last about a day. Little Man is on day 4 and Baby Chaos has kicked his out too. I blame the fact that Little Man still has his cold on his RSV from when he was a wee baby. The Dr. said his colds would last longer and be harder on him and y’all…that Dr. was absolutely right. Whenever Little Man has a cold, he’s always the last to be cold free. ALWAYS.


I have to tell you that this picture was taken after a hard night with Baby boy. Not a lot of sleep, wake ups every 2-3 hours because of his congestion…yet he was happy as a clam the next morning while Mommy and Daddy were drinking insane amounts of coffee. Always happy that boy.

But the weekend wasn’t all bad. Beautiful weather, lots of running….


That’s right people. I’m still running. I love it. And no, I’m not joking in the slightest. And those shoes…Brooks PureFlow. Let me just say, they are amazing and have changed my running life forever.

Oh and we may have done a lot of this…


BEER!!! That’s right we’ve started brewing again. We had to call it quits when the Mr. thought he was deploying but now that he’s sticking around we got back to it. We also started another project that I’ll share at a later date.


And of course we’re all counting down the days until our Florida vacation. Oh how I miss home. Can’t. Wait.


2 thoughts on “Brain Scramble

  1. Grammie says:

    Poor babies. Those old colds r not funny. I am counting the days till u r home. I hope the weather will be great and sunny for all of u. I am so glad u will be here for Easter!!!

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