Baby Food is for the Birds

My baby, he told me that baby food, well it just isn’t for him. He does not like the purees one bit. Not one bit. I tried making them myself, he hated them. I tried buying them, all different kinds. He hated them.

So I gave him real food.


and he ate it. He loved it.

Most of it.


He told me, “Momma, baby food is for the birds. I don’t want anything to do with it. I want what you’re having. All of it.”

I had to try to explain to him that he couldn’t have everything his Momma ate and we argued for awhile about how he could handle anything.


But in the end, he realized that he could eat the real foody goodness instead of the baby food but it would be on Momma’s terms. He would have to eat what Momma gave him and be happy about it. And guys, he is. He loves being able to sit at the table with everyone and feed himself. And so far, he’s loved almost everything I put in front of him. Blueberries are one of his favs (truly a Momma’s boy) and he seems to be loving carrots and green beans. I couldn’t have paid him to eat the mushy baby food stuff but real food, he’s all about it. Takes after Little Miss…she wanted nothing to do with baby food but Little Man loved the mushy stuff.

Moral of the story folks…if you’re baby doesn’t like the baby food mush, even if you make your own, try the real stuff. They just might surprise you and eat it all.


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