The Wall

Holy crazy busy batman! No, seriously, we’ve been busy around here. This is what happened…I told Little Miss about, let’s just say awhile ago, that I would paint her walls for her once Little Man moved out of her room, which happened months ago and yet there we were with pink and blue walls in her room. She was not happy and kept asking and asking and asking. Here’s the thing. I hate painting until I start painting and then I’m a painting fiend until I have to clean up all the painting supplies when I vow, I’ll never paint another room again.

Long story short, I finally painted the walls in Little Miss’ room. I wish I had a before and after. But I don’t all I can tell you is half the room was pink and the other half a really bright vibrant blue. I didn’t want to just paint the wall pink like the rest of the room because, um, pink overload. So I set out to find something fun to do with the blue wall. Of course, pinterest was my first stop and of course I found this tutorial and thought…this would be fun.

I’m going to let you guys know this…the wall was super easy and no my wall is not as perfect as this one but it still looks pretty good especially for my first time. BUT it is time consuming. It took me two days and I probably should’ve used 3 days. I still have some touch ups but overall I’m very VERY pleased, as is Little Miss.



BAM pink. Of course. The pink lines are the same pink as the rest of her room and I’m currently trying to find some curtains to go in her room along with some sort of pop color to make her room come together.



I couldn’t believe I could actually accomplish this. I mean I like DIY projects and all but I’m not a good painter or line maker. My lines are usually pretty curvy. But I really love how it turned out and with the other pink walls it looks really good. Moral of the story, even if you don’t think you could pull this wall off, you can. It’s easier than it looks and really adds something to a room. Go out and conquer that’s what I always say!


3 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Grammie says:

    You did a beautiful job. Did Lil Man make those straight lines? Lol. You should pat yourself on the back. It really looks good.

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