Y’all I’m sad. Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. And there’s only one explanation for this sadness.

I’m homesick. Very, very homesick.

First, I should tell you that I LOVE my home state of Florida. Adore it. Sun, sand, laid back lifestyle. I grew up 15 minutes from the beach. 15 MINUTES PEOPLE. Once I could drive, I was there pretty much every weekend and once I was out of school I was there whenever I wasn’t working. Yes, it was hot but it was beautiful.


We miss our families. In fact, Little Miss (who grew up in Florida due to back to back deployments), makes sure to tell me every night before bed that she misses her “Florida family.” We all do.


We’re Florida people stuck in a different state for now. Mr. Chaos and myself know we want to get back home…we’re just waiting for the opportunity. So for now we’re homesick. So we plan.


We plan our trip home. Plan our vacation. And hope and pray the Army approves leave and we can actually get there. Because I need the sun and the warmth, I need home.


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