No Excuses

Hey…Hi…um so you remember that whole running thing I was doing? Let’s put an emphasis on WAS shall we because y’all I failed. Totally and completely. Although if I’m being honest, I set myself up to fail. Why you ask? It’s simple really. I don’t run in winter. I hate running in winter. I hate being out in the cold, I hate the way my lungs feel when they’re on fire, I hate it all. And before you go all, “It’s just a little cold. C’mon,” I want to remind you that I was born and raised in Florida. FLORIDA where it is currently 79 degrees. 79 DEGREES!!!! Our Florida vacation can’t come soon enough.

Anyway back to my point. So I failed. But the good news…Mr. Chaos is home meaning I can get my butt out and run again. Cold or not it’s happening. I’ve told Mr. Chaos that he has to help me. He has to push me. Sunday was my first day back at it and I’m completely back to where I started all those months ago but it felt GOOD. And then yesterday it was freezing and windy but guys, guess what? I did it. I got out there and ran. I hated every minute of being out in the cold but I DID IT.


This time there are no excuses. This time my husband will push me on days I have no desire to get out there. This time I will sign up for a 5k and run it. This time I will finish. This time will be different. And yes, I will be posting all about it so you…yes YOU….can hold me accountable. If there isn’t some sort of running post on here once every week, kick my butt into gear people! Let’s do this!


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