Dance Party

There are days where it seems that nobody in our house is happy. Little Man, Little Miss, Baby boy, and myself are all in bad moods and nothing can change that.

Except one thing. My secret weapon.

Dance Parties.

I’m a firm believer that no matter how bad of a dancer you are, that dancing makes you happy. I mean it really does even if you don’t think it does. See, dancing, well it gets you moving which gives you endorphins which makes you happy…which is why you always feel better when you exercise (which is why I REALLY need it to warm up so I can get back to my running. Oh and stop raining).

Our dance parties work best on Little Man. He LOVES to dance and it gets him in a good mood almost instantly.


And lollipops. The kid loves lollipops.

Little Miss typically needs a little push to get her going.


Which Little Man is happy to do. He loves dancing but running around the room, dancing with his sister, that may be his favorite.


Little Miss used to LOVE to dance. She still does but she’s in that, “I don’t want anyone to laugh at me,” phase so she’s a closet dancer. It’s really fun when you watch her though because y’all, she’s actually pretty good. Which means she didn’t get her dancing skills from her Momma…nope those came from my cousin and her daddy because my cousin is an awesome dancer and yes, my husband has some moves.

Me…nope nothing. But I don’t mind having a dance party. Not at all. I actually LOVE our dance parties.


Try it out.


Just Dance.


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