Surprise Visitor

I got quite the surprise a few days ago while I was baking. A visitor. A really cool visitor. You may have heard of him. Spiderman. SPIDERMAN came and visited me the other day!!!


If y’all haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet Spiderman, I totally think you should. He’s super sweet, a little shy, and absolutely adorable. IMG_8981

I asked him why he decided to visit little ole me because, well he’s a superhero. I figured he was probably a little busy and you know what he told me?


He told me his spidey sense was tinkling which it does sometimes when someone is getting ready to bake. Turns out that Spiderman is quite the baker. Loves to bake in fact.IMG_9001

So, I got to bake with Spiderman. SPIDERMAN. A dream come true 😉


4 thoughts on “Surprise Visitor

  1. Grammie says:

    How sweet, how wonderful that u r so talented to write something so interesting that I hurry every morning to see if u have written something. You r so lucky to have visitors like Spiderman to help u bake. I wish he would come and help me. Give him a big kiss for me.

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