Snow Day Fun

It snowed on Saturday! I know, it’s still winter so what’s the big deal. Well I’ll tell you.

1-We live in southern NC where it hardly snows

2-My family…we’re Florida people. I have seen snow once and it wasn’t really snow. It was more of an ice thing. This was actual snow.


Now I can move home to Florida and be happy. I’ve seen snow, Mr. Chaos has seen snow, and the kids have seen snow. We’re good.


The big kids loved it. In fact, I couldn’t get Little Man to come inside.


He stayed out as long as he could before his fingers and toes were frozen and even then it was hard convincing him that coming in and warming up was a good thing. And yes, I was the crazy one running around yelling, “SNOW!!!!!”

I’m sorry but seriously it was so fun. The best part…it was gone the next day. Pretty much all melted. So I got to see snow and deal with none of the fuss. No shoveling, no being stuck inside for days on end, etc and so forth.


And yes, we even made snowmen.


Don’t make fun of our little guys. We’re from FLORIDA people. We don’t know how to build proper snowmen. Sandcastles…bring it on…snowmen…um no clue but who cares right. We got to build snowmen!!!!

We had a fun Saturday playing in the snow. Mr. Chaos making snowballs, the kids and myself making snowmen, and just enjoying it all.


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