Duct Tape Fun

Did you know that they make duct tape in an insane amount of colors and prints these days? It’s true. Did you also know they make a little crafty fun kit thingy for kids so they can make lots and lots of things out of all this cute adorable duct tape? That’s true too. For Christmas Little Miss happened to receive that kit and we finally got around to making something from it. If I’m being completely honest, we opened the kit about a month and a half ago and I’m just now getting to the pictures. Ha!

But that fact aside we made DUCT TAPE GLASSES


Seriously, adorable. And the kit made these so easy to make.

All you do is grab the glasses template out of the box, choose your duct tape of choice


then start wrapping. Wrap the duct tape this way,


and that way,


and this way some more. And VOILA!


You have yourself some awesomely adorable zebra (or whatever duct tape you choose) glasses! And you’ve had tons of fun making them. No seriously, it was fun. I even helped a little. I may have wanted to do the entire thing because it was THAT fun. And right now, I may want to go make something out of duct tape even though Little Miss is at school because it’s that fun. You can make ANYTHING. We made a duct tape purse too. I’m telling you, the options are endless. Go forth and DUCT TAPE!


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