The Kidney

I’m FINALLY ready to talk about what’s been going on with Baby Chaos. Only because I FINALLY have some clear answers on the entire ordeal.

Let me start by saying that Baby boy is healthy and happy. Always was and always has been. So here’s the deal:

When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound Baby decided not to show us that adorable face of his. The tech said it was no biggie and I would just have to have another scan which was fine by me. Any extra chances to see my baby…absolutely. Around 24 weeks I went in for that scan and about a week after that got a phone call saying that I needed to make an appointment to discuss the results.

Cue instant freak out. And of course cue google to find out what all possible problems it could be which would be the worst idea in the world but yeah, I did it.

My OB was awesome and explained that hydronephrosis was the likely cause and that it should resolve on it’s own. Oh and also, this is common.But I couldn’t help worrying and thinking about what-if it wasn’t nothing and what-if something was seriously wrong with my baby and what-if I did something wrong.  And of course I kept all the worrying to myself. I didn’t want any one else to have to worry with me (Uh stupid decision). Mr. Chaos knew that his kidney was enlarged but that was about it. So I had to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks to monitor it and through all those appointments the kidney never swelled bigger, just stayed the same. Slightly enlarged. Nothing to worry about. Everything is fine.

Fast forward to after Baby Chaos was born. We were still in the monitoring phase of everything and he had to have a scan a few weeks after he was born (which came back still slightly enlarged we’ll keep monitoring) and then again around 3 (closer to 4) months which is when I got the phone call that I needed to make a follow-up appointment.

Cue massive freak out and epic meltdown. I, of course, feared the worse. Thank God for my husband and his little life mantra, “let’s not worry about anything until there’s something to worry about.” And of course, Mr. Chaos ended up being right. We only needed the follow up because at the first ultrasound they didn’t give measurements of the kidney and in the second one, they did. So the pediatrician had nothing to compare the second scan to which meant he couldn’t tell if the kidney got worse, stayed the same, or got better. He said to err on the side of caution he was referring us to urology where they could tell us exactly what was going on and what to do next.


Enter this morning-the urology appointment.

I have to say that I was SO SO impressed with the urology Doctor. He explained everything and all of our options and we talked everything over. In a nutshell, he has hydronephrosis where some urine backs up in the kidney but Baby’s is just a slight case. He said while comparing the scans that we could find out exactly what’s going on by doing, I forget the procedures name but that’s ok because it’s not something I’m going to force on Baby unless it’s absolutely necessary because it sounds not fun at all, but since the swelling in the kidney is small we could monitor it for now and wait to do the procedure later if…IF…it’s necessary which it might not be because in the majority of cases, this resolves all on it’s own. So that’s that. In 6 months we go in for another ultrasound and another appointment with the Urology Doc and discuss everything from there.



4 thoughts on “The Kidney

  1. kenneth shroll says:

    Dear Stacy

    So glad all is well with Baby Connor. But I am chastising you for not sharing with all of us the worry – that’s what family is for and to say prayers and be supportive to you all. You should never bottle up problems and/or worry inside – that is only a good chance for making yourself sick from the stress! Please don’t do that anymore – we are here for you and you should know that.

    Anyway sounds as if this will all resolve – I know it will because now we will all be praying for you.

    Love you all.

    Grandma Shroll

    PS - will be sending birthday cards – I know very late – for you and Colin (we’ve been a little pinched because of some extra expenses but now that I’m back working that will soon resolve).


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