It is official folks. My baby boy said his first word this past weekend.


Of course, if you ask Mr. Chaos, it’s not really a word. And according to my little brother, “It’s only a word if he’s from the UK.” But since I’m his Momma and my opinion is the one that matters most since I was the one who heard it, I say….IT’S A WORD AND IT TOTALLY COUNTS!


I bet you can’t guess what it was. You have two clues.

1-My husband says it’s not a word and 2-My little brother says it only counts if he’s from the UK.


MUM! That’s right he said MUM and that sweet little face can call me “Mum” all he wants whether he’s from the UK or not (which he’s not) ❤


4 thoughts on “FIRST WORD!!!!

  1. Grammie says:

    He is so cute and precious. If u say he said Mum he said Mum. Who else hears every thing he says so you would know!! Don’t tell Mr Chaous I said that!

  2. Aunt J says:

    I knew before you said what it was – ’cause David is from what used to be a UK island and he uses “Mum” instead of “Mom”. You just have a little “Brit”!

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