Little Man and the Tale of the Temper Tantrums

Almost immediately after Mr. Chaos left for his Army stuff, Little Man, my sweet boy, started having massive temper tantrums. And I’m not talking about, “No momma WAHHH!” I’m talking full blown running to the other room, screaming, kicking, screaming, crying, screaming, mom’s gonna lose it, screaming, mom’s gonna pull her hair out, crying, lasts for 10+ minutes, temper tantrums.

They were epically bad. And they would happen probably once every hour or two.

Oh. My. Word.


When they would happen, it was like my sweet boy had disappeared. And they would happen for any amount of reasons. He didn’t like what you were doing, he didn’t want to take a nap, he didn’t want to eat what you made for lunch or dinner or breakfast, he didn’t want to take a shower….he wanted to take a bath, he didn’t want his sister to touch him, he didn’t want the dog to look at him, he didn’t want to watch that cartoon or that movie. I could go on and on folks.


There was one night where he wanted to take a bath and Little Miss wanted a shower. Since they had taken a bath the night before I let Little Miss get her wish of a shower. WRONG FOLKS! Just wrong. The tantrum lasted a good 20+ minutes and I tried everything to calm him down and get him to stop. Everything I could think of. I’m not gonna lie…I cried. I couldn’t help but thinking it was my fault. That I was doing something wrong. I knew that part of it was his age. Little Miss started tantrums at 3 too. Nothing to the scale of Little Man but she had a few. I also knew it had something to do with his Dad being gone since they started the moment he left. But there was nothing I could do.


Now…Shhh…don’t say this too loud because you’re gonna jinx it for me. But they’ve almost stopped. SHHHH!!!! *He can hear you*

Seriously though, this week has been good. Great. He’s back to his happy little boy self and, while there’s still at least one tantrum a day they aren’t nearly what they were. AND sometimes….sometimes there isn’t even a single tantrum. I don’t know why they’ve calmed but all I know is Little Man was about one tantrum away from staying with his Ya-ya or Grandpa in Florida and now…now he’s my sweet little boy again.

Sometimes we sit there and think how life when our loved ones are off on business trips or training or deployments and think, “Man this is hard on me.” But we sometimes forget how hard it can be on our little ones. I know that Little Man has talked to his Daddy on the phone a couple times and it makes his day. For them, it’s the little things and while the tantrums were almost unbearable for me…having his Daddy gone feels the same way to Little Man. All we can do is hang in there and love them a little more.



One thought on “Little Man and the Tale of the Temper Tantrums

  1. Grammie says:

    I am so glad he is better for your sake. I was going to suggest maybe cause his Daddy wasn’t there and he seemed to like to be around him. We never realize how much they miss him. Guess Daddy will have to take him with him. !!!!’

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