When the Mr. is Away

It never ceases to amaze me, that whenever my husband goes away on deployment or to one of his many Army training things, or just out in the field for one of their many field exercises, things always go wrong. And not just one thing. LOTS OF THINGS.

No…I’m not crazy. For instance…since Mr. Chaos has been gone this trip…

*Little Man has started throwing MASSIVE temper tantrums. I’m not kidding when I say they are everyday.

*Oh and he’s also started having nightmares.

*I got a phone call that I needed to have a follow-up appointment for Baby Chaos from his last ultrasound (he has a slightly enlarged kidney. Don’t worry, the appointment went fine.) Cue worried momma, no sleep, and meltdown of epic proportions.

*Little Miss is sick. And now I’m feeling sickish.

And he’s only been gone 14 days. in 14 days this happened. And it’s nothing new. Last time he was gone my dishwasher started acting up and so did the washer. It’s always something. And it’s not just me. My best friend had a horrible 4 days all JUST AFTER her husband left for a field exercise. And as soon as he was back, everyone was better.

My solution to this problem…let’s keep our significant others home. Which would mean no more training at other bases around the globe, no more field exercises, and no more deployments.

Yeah, I know. Never gonna happen. Let’s wait and see what the next 14 days have in store.



5 thoughts on “When the Mr. is Away

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      haha! I wish. The military isn’t done with us yet. Very close after he gets home he’s leaving again for a few months. Ah army life 😉

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