A Surprise for Little Miss

Sometimes it sucks when your kids are in school. Fact is, I don’t get to spend as much quality time with Little Miss as I would like. Especially when Mr. Chaos is away. She’s 6 and can do everything she needs on her own whereas her brothers…well they can’t.

So yesterday I decided to make a little surprise for Little Miss. Nothing fancy just some good ‘ole hot chocolate waiting for her when I picked her up from school. She’s been begging for some chocolate of any kind and since yesterday was especially cold, I thought it would be a sweet surprise for my sweet little girl.

And of course Little Man helped.


He couldn’t wait to help make the hot (warm) chocolate and was even more excited to drink it.


Except he wasn’t a fan (insert temper tantrum here which is a post for a different day). But he did have fun stirring up the milk with all the chocolate goodness inside.

And when the time came we packed up the hot chocolate in the thermoses and patiently awaited for Little Miss to get out of school.


Well maybe not so patiently. I may not be good at keeping surprises from people. As soon as she got in the car…OK…as soon as she opened the car door I may have screamed, “I have a surprise just for you Little Miss!”


And before she could even ask me what, I may have screamed, “It’s HOT CHOCOLATE!”


She was happy, I was happy (little man was not happy…again another post for a different day), and all was good.


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