5 Months-An Update

Not only did Little Man turn 3 on Sunday but my baby boy, Baby Chaos turned 5 months old on Saturday.

Someone please tell them it’s time to stop growing!

Baby Chaos is growing like a weed. We officially started solid food and so far my boy has had avocado (he loved it), butternut squash (he did not love it), and sweet potatoes (jury’s still out on this one). Bottle wise, this baby is driving me bananas. I never know how much he’s going to want to eat. Sometimes it’s 5 oz, sometimes 6, most times 4 or there’s always the occasional 2 oz feed. He’s still taking in about 28-32 oz a day which is right where he’s supposed to be but he’s all over the place. And he started this “awesome” thing where he eats a little, cries, eats, cries, eats, cries. It’s fun.


Baby boy also celebrated his first Christmas this year. He could have cared less. Little Man and Little Miss opened all his presents for him. He does play with everything though so that’s always good. He’s started to love toys. He can pick up his toys and switch them from one hand to another. He also discovered his feet this month and is mastering the tripod sit. In fact, sitting is one of his favorite activities. Methinks he’ll be sitting up before we know it!

5 months


He’s currently quite the jumper. At the beginning of 4 months, his little feet couldn’t even touch the floor when he was put in his jumper and now, they not only touch the floor but he might even have to move up a notch in the coming weeks. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW?!?!


He’s such a sweetie pie and is so low key. He loves to smile and has really started finding his voice. He’s working on getting his two bottom teeth in and the drool has started. He takes in everything and loves to watch his brother and sister. LOVES to watch them. My favorite though is all the smiles. There’s not much this kid cries over (unless you scare him). And he’s still consistently sleeping through the night (YAY). He’s still in our room (I know, I know) but with Mr. Chaos playing Army, that’ll be changing soon.

So now, the comparison:




And now….5 MONTHS


Love you sweet baby boy!


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