My sweet Little Man turns 3 today.

It’s so bittersweet when you celebrate your kid’s birthdays. On the one hand you want your kids to stay little forever. On the other hand, you want to see them grow, learn, discover the world, live their lives.

But right now, as I watch my son figure out how to drive his new remote control Mater, I want him to be my baby again. Just for a moment.

colin bday

Dear sweet Baby Boy,


Today, you’re 3! Oh my goodness so much has happened in such a short time. You continue to amaze me and your father. You grow and learn everyday and you still love your cars! You are amazing little boy. Don’t ever forget it. Mommy and Daddy love you more than words can ever express. Keep growing and learning. Know that we’ll always be there for you and never, ever, ever stop snuggling with mommy in the mornings! Please. Those are some of my most treasured moments. Love you baby boy ❤



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