Something I Forgot

You know what I forgot? I forgot how much I didn’t like when Little Miss and Little Man were teething. Little Miss wasn’t so bad. She got her teeth in pretty quickly. Little Man…oh was it horrible for that poor boy.

And now, now Baby Chaos is teething. Hard.


In fact, he’s teething so bad that he’s literally losing sleep over it. This has never happened and I’m going to share something with you…

When your kid is sleeping through the night and then starts crying every few hours because of his teeth….it’s something of a shock to you and your body. Your body who is now used to getting a solid 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Your body who is thinking…um what the heck are you gonna do when Mr. Chaos leaves?


I wish I had the answer to that question. And of course, I hate…HATE…seeing my baby in pain when there’s not much that can be done. You can only put on so much baby oragel and that stuff only lasts so long.


Hopefully one of those bottom suckers breaks through soon. His poor little hand is getting tired of being gnawed on. And I know there are some great teethers out there. However, my baby doesn’t like a single one…at least none of the nine billion ones that I’ve tried. Doesn’t like wet washcloths or frozen anything. His hand and maybe a blanket or two…or my hand or your hand. He likes the hand thing.

Dear teethies of my poor little baby…come in quick. PLEASE! I will not hesitate to beg if that will make my baby in less pain sooner.


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