My Life-iphone Style

My phone is old. Which is fine…I mean it does everything I absolutely need it to do (you know…make phone calls) but I’m used to having phones that do so much more and make sharing my phone pics super easy because as soon as I take one, I can share it.

Long story short, I was going through my phone pictures, realized I hadn’t shared them to anyone, and thought I would. Sometimes, there’s no time to grab my other camera and while this phone’s camera isn’t the best, it has captured some times in my life, that without it, I wouldn’t have.

So enjoy my life, for the past few months, iphone picture style 🙂


1. Plane flying during sunset


1. Baby Chaos snuggling 2. Little Man happy to be at Target (who isn’t?!) 3. Puppies snuggling 4. Hanging out with dad 5. Little Man and Little Miss reading 6. Little Man loving his “bones” hat


Our walk after Thanksgiving dinner. You know, because it was definitely needed…So. Much. Food

bathtime fun

Bath time fun with Baby Chaos!


1. sleepy baby 2. sick baby

Happy Monday!


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