This, That, and the Other

Holy cow people. It’s JANUARY! This January is particularly interesting. First and foremost My Little Man, my sweet, sweet, Little Man turns 3…3 PEOPLE…in less than two weeks. In fact, he turns 3 in exactly 10 days.


Oh little boy…why do you have to grow up? Also, we’ve officially moved this little guy out of his sister’s room and into the nursery with Baby Chaos. So far, it’s working out. In fact, bedtime is SO much easier. No more yelling…no more unhappy Little Miss…no more crying Little Man.

On top of having to deal with my first boy turning 3, I also have to deal with Baby Chaos turning 5 months old.


Not ready people. Not ready at all for my baby to grow. Although he has had an eventful few weeks. He’s started sleeping consistently through the night. He typically falls asleep around 8, takes his last bottle between 9 and 1o and starts to toss around by 6ish. I also introduced actual food to the guy. So far…avocado. He loved it. Next up is butternut squash. I’ve vowed to make all baby food this time around and so far so good. I mean, how could I have failed already? All you have to do is mash the avocado but I did already make up the butternut squash. Let’s just hope I don’t get lazy and I actually stick to it.

And then of course, I had to come to the realization that my baby girl is turning 7 (7!!!!!!) in 6 short months. WHAT?!?!


There are no words. She’s such a sweet girl.

And in other news and happenings Mr. Chaos will be leaving on another “save the world” trip at some point and I get to turn 29 in 23 days. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to face the last year of my 20’s. I have had some great times and some not so great times while in my 20’s so I’m hoping the last year is a great one and the 30’s bring on new and wonderful things for me.

So here’s to January….


One thought on “This, That, and the Other

  1. Grammie says:

    Gosh where has the time gone? It doesn’t seem like yesterday I got my sweet Princess Lil Miss. I wish I could see the boys alot more. You have done good!

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