New Year

Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013!

A new year means new ups and downs, new challenges, and new changes. There are so many things I want to do and accomplish this year. Many that will be started right away and some that will have to wait until Mr. Chaos comes home from this next deployment. I wasn’t going to make a list but lists are my best friend these days because, since having kids, I don’t remember anything. And I hope that by writing down everything I want to accomplish, I’ll stick to them.

So here we go:

*Healthy eating-this isn’t new for me or our family. Of course, we got into some bad habits over the holidays but who doesn’t? My main goal is to try new things and make sure my kids understand what foods are good for you and what ones you eat in moderation. I am a firm believer that you can eat healthy and still have the occasional bad foods. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking cookies are bad or you shouldn’t eat chicken nuggets. Moderation is key.

*Letting the kids help me cook-this is big for me. I let my kids help me now but I need to let them help me more and relinquish some control (I may or may not be a perfectionist).

*Run a 5k-training starts as soon as it warms up. No one likes running in the cold 😉

*Start yoga-I’ve wanted to do yoga for forever and this year, it’s going to happen. I’m looking forward to this, even if I have to do it on my own at home. Eventually, I want to get into hot yoga but I figure I should start with the basics first.

*Spend less time with the TV on-so it’s like this. I like background noise and that usually means having the TV on even if I’m not watching it. Instead, I’ll try my best to turn on some music. Less TV….always a good thing.

*Spend more time playing with the kids outside.

*Get back to being Me-I’ve sort of lost myself over the past few years. This year, I’m going to find myself again.

*Spend more time with the hubby and just the hubby-you hear this Mr. Chaos? Date nights when you get back on the regular. It’s happening and it’s about time.

*Travel more-I want to explore the world. Sometimes with the kids, sometimes without but I will start traveling. Lots of places to see!

*Read more, write more, and learn how to take better pictures with my fancy camera.

*Enjoy life and always try to think positively no matter how bad the situation may look-I used to be crazy negative and now I’m just slightly negative. Hoping to be more positive and try not to worry so much about certain aspects of my life.

Like I said…lots of changes and goals for this year. So bring it 2013! I will OWN you 🙂




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