Family Time

I bet you can’t guess what we did last night


Seriously…do you know what we did?

First of all, we had lovely family time. Don’t get me wrong here, we are together a lot as a family when the hubs isn’t traveling or deploying but sometimes…sometimes you take for granted that time and instead of spending it all together we’re in separate rooms and the TV is on or someone is on the computer doing something or I’m cleaning while spending time with the family. But this time, this time we turned technology off, stopped cleaning, and went outside to enjoy the weather and some S’MORES!

S’mores people. S’mores are where it’s at.


Don’t ask me what Little Miss was doing in the picture. Maybe warning her brother that if he touched the stuff to make s’mores…well let’s just say that maybe he’d regret that decision 😉


The beautiful fire that was used to make our delicious s’mores.


And our wine holder. We’re classy people here.

The kids were so so excited…especially Little Man. He loves the fire pit as it is but adding s’mores into the equation…oh man he was stoked.


We had such a great time. Our neighbors came over and ate some s’mores with us. We just sat outside talking and relaxing. No phones, no computer, no TV, no technology.


And of course lots of melted marshmallows


and lots of chocolatey goodness

IMG_8375and the kids…they loved them.


LOVED them! I see many more s’more parties in our future!


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