On Hold

Ya’ll I failed.

I haven’t been running. My C25k journey has been put on hold. The part that makes me the saddest? It wasn’t by choice. Life happened.

I was doing awesome. I had made it to week 5 and I was powering through. I ENJOYED getting out and running. It was a huge stress reliever and gave me so much energy.

Then the time change happened and it started getting dark at 5:30. No biggie. Hubs was with a small unit and was able to leave early on some days so I could run.

And then he had to go back to his old unit. His old unit where he gets out of work at 5 which means he gets home when it’s dark. Which means….I can’t run.

So then I thought that I would get up and run in the morning. Which means I would have to get up around 5 in order to get my run in before hubs left for formation. No way. For one, I love my sleep. And I have to get up at 6:30 during the week which is early enough. For two, it’s cold. In the 40’s or colder in the mornings. No way. I can deal running in the cold when the sun is out but when the sun isn’t up….nope.

My solution….get a jogging stroller. The problem? I don’t want my kids freezing cold while I run. You can only bundle them so much. And the kids in the cold would probably equal more colds.

I know, excuses, excuses. I got it. But it’s really not. I still have my goal of running a 5k and hopefully I’ll be able to get out while the hubs is on leave (once we figure out when that will be). I just can’t run enough to finish the C25k program right now. I’m going to run when I can…on the weekends, when hubs is home with the kids, etc and when it warms up a jogging stroller will be purchased and I will finish the program and run a 5k. This is my new goal and one that will have to work. Because ya’ll…I will not quit, I will keep on, and I will run my 5k.



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