Makin a List…and Checkin it Twice

My house is all Christmasy and most days are spent listening to Christmas music while getting everything done. The kids are super excited for Christmas. Every morning, Little Man has to plug in all the lights and I can’t unplug them or he gets pretty angry. And of course, we had to make Christmas Lists for Santa.


It was a lot of fun watching Little Miss write out her Christmas List. She wrote it all by herself. No help from Momma at all.


And of course she started it by telling Santa that she loves him. Isn’t she just the sweetest?

Little Man, on the other hand, needed a little help from Momma this year. He had fun drawing the letter “C” all over the paper though.


They worked long and hard asking Santa for just the right toys and such.


The best part of the making of the Christmas lists is that Santa gets a nice head start getting all the things he possibly can and I’ll tell you something else….he’s just about done! WOOT! Way to go Santa πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Makin a List…and Checkin it Twice

  1. Grammie says:

    Lil miss is sure a beauty!!! And Lil Man is a handsome Dude!!! I guess the little one won’t get anything since he can’t write. Ha. Tell them I hope they get what they want!!

  2. Grammie says:

    Lil Miss is sure a beauty!! Lil Man is a handsome Dude!! Baby don’t have a chance, he can’t write Ha. I hope they get what they want

    • Stacy Fiore says:

      hehe…yeah I had to write out Baby Chaos’ list. I don’t think he’s quite old enough to do his own yet πŸ˜‰ I was so excited to get to do it with the two bigger kiddos though. Christmastime is one of my absolute favorite times of years and I LOVE sharing the traditions I grew up with with my own kids!

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