The Wishbone

Do you remember the good ‘ole days? You know, when we were young and were asked, “Hey kids…who wants to break the wishbone?”

We were always asked and I always, ALWAYS, wanted to break the wishbone. Before my little brothers came along, my older brother and I usually got to break it. Then the little boogers came along and we had to take turns.

And as we all got older, we lost sight of the wishbone. I don’t remember the last time someone in our family broke the wishbone and got to make a beautiful, wonderful, wish.

Until the other day that is.

Little Man and Little Miss got to break their very first wishbone.

They pulled and pulled and pulled

and pulled and pulled some more. That thing really didn’t want to break.

So who won the wish of all wishes?

LITTLE MAN! Of course, Little Miss got to make a wish too because with those two, when one does something, the other does it too. But it was funny seeing them pull at that thing for a few minutes before it finally snapped. It definitely took me down memory lane. To the first time that my brother and I got to break the wishbone. And if I remember correctly…

he most definitely won.



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