Tummy Time Fun

My son hates tummy time. HATES. There is nothing that makes him madder quicker than putting him on his little tummy.

It goes from this

to this

in a matter of seconds.

As soon as he’s on his tummy, his hand goes to his mouth

and as quickly as the hand goes in the mouth it comes out. And as soon as it comes out this face

this calm, sweet, smiling face goes to this

mad, angry face.

He’s telling me…telling all of us…that tummy time is not fun. No. Tummy time is, to my baby, torture. Something that he should never, ever, ever have to do.

Tummy time fun? No such thing. Tummy time agony…that’s what it is in my house.


One thought on “Tummy Time Fun

  1. Grammie says:

    Solution—don’t put him on his stomach. Prop him on each side. Will he lay on his stomach on your lap? Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!

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