Red Heels, an Apple, and a First

There are days that my daughter dives into my closet. And the first thing she always goes for are

my red peep toe heels. Always. She loves them, to her father’s delight. Anytime Mr. Chaos sees her wearing them, a little part of him cries on the inside. He is not ready for his baby girl to grow up and neither am I. Which leads to my second point…

Little Miss and I made a challenge on Saturday. First I want you to know anytime this girl asks for an apple, she takes about 2-5 bites and then she’s done. Anyone who eats apples knows that this is a HUGE waste. So on Saturday, when she asked if she could have an apple, I said “No.” And I said that because she never finishes them which is how I explained my “no” to her because anytime you say “no” to Little Miss these days, she argues with you. It drives me insane.

And she told me…my sweet little girl, said, “That’s not true Mom. And I will eat the entire apple.”

And she did. She ate the entire thing. For once. I may have to challenge her more often 😉 Anywho, this apple, this awesome, horrible apple led to something else. A first for Little Miss.

My baby girl, who loves to wear my red heels, has her very first…VERY FIRST PEOPLE…loose tooth! And for some reason, this loose tooth hit me like a ton of bricks. My baby girl is growing up an there is nothing her daddy and I can do about it.


One thought on “Red Heels, an Apple, and a First

  1. Grammie says:

    I just wanted to cry. Where did our baby girl go to. She is so sweet and I love her so much,please bring her home soon before she gets any older. (I will look for her a pair of red shoes. Ha)

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