3 Months

Oh Baby Chaos, sweet Baby Chaos. How in the world can my sweet little, tiny, itty bitty baby be 3 months old already?

There have been lots of changes in Baby Chaos from last month. He is finally…FINALLY, getting little fat rolls on his itty bitty legs. I love babies with little fat rolls.

He smiles all the time and is quite the talker. And the giggles…OH THE GIGGLES…they melt my heart. Baby giggles are the best. Baby boy has started grabbing for all his toys and loves his little play mat. He likes talking to all his toy buddies. Most of all, he likes to be sitting. When he’s in your lap he wants to sit up and see the world. He takes everything in and LOVES his sister and brother. He is constantly smiling up at them.

He’s still waking up once a night but I can definitely live with that for now and pretty soon we will be transitioning him into his own room, in his own crib. It’s time. I don’t want it to be time but it’s time.

Shall we compare?

2 Months

and now…3 months


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