Just Another Monday

* I feel like I’m never, ever, ever going to get caught up with everything I want to get done on the bloggy blog. Ever. Like my “About Me” page has been empty for about a week now because I can’t seem to write the post. I mean, who wants to write about themselves. Not I. Not I.

* Today is a special day. November 5th. Ah yes. My Mom’s birthday. She’s 85.

Just kidding. She’s not even close to 85. She’s, well I won’t be telling you how old she is, but she’s awesome. And I love her. Happy Birthday Mom!

*Look who came to visit us a little while back…

When Little Miss told me there was a praying mantis hanging out on her play house, I thought for sure she was mistaken. How many times do you see a praying mantis…and he was actually in his little praying stance. It was awesome. At least I thought so. Both the kids hated him. So I made them go inside. I mean the praying mantis was PRAYING…there was no way I was kicking him off the roof of their house when he was doing nothing wrong.

The next day he was gone. I was sad.

*Little Miss is in this stage where as soon as Little Man picks up something, she wants it. And then she steals it in a very sneaky way and Little Man gets upset and whines to me about how his sissy stole his toy.

and then Little Miss gets mad when she puts the toy down 1.5 seconds after she picked it up and Little Man takes it back because even though she never really wanted it in the first place and only wanted it because her brother was playing with it, she only put it down because her hand was tired so Little Man has to give it back because she wasn’t done playing with that particular toy yet.

They currently reside in the same room. This will be changing very soon.

*Little Man loves the little beanie that came with his Halloween costume so much that he wears it. A lot. Stay gangsta Little Man…

*And Baby Chaos just hangs out. Until the exact minute you start trying to get stuff done. Then he wants all the attention in the world. Which is why my “About Me” page is still empty. At least that’s the reason I keep telling myself for my “About Me” page still being empty. I’ll write it. Today. Or tomorrow. Maybe next week.


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