Pumpkin Carving Madness-Part 2-The Big Reveal

It’s reveal day! What…oh what…did we carve on those beautiful pumpkins? Any guesses?

I will tell you that we didn’t do any princesses…shocker, I know. Every year it seems we’ve had at least one princess pumpkin. Not this year folks. And there were also no superhero pumpkins or any pumpkins with cartoon characters on them.

Mr. Chaos did a smiley pumpkin. He was pretty proud of his pumpkin.Little Miss….she did

a kitty cat. Which is her favorite animal. If only Mr. Chaos wasn’t “allergic,” we would probably have 10 because that’s how much Little Miss loves her kitty cats. I say “allergic” because this hasn’t been proven. I’m thinking of locking him in a room with a cat and we’ll see what happens. Just kidding…kinda…OK not really. Me and the girl…we need a cat.

Little Man chose


And I carved my favorite animal ever

A spider…which is not my favorite animals ever. It’s actually one of my least favorite animal ever, even beating out snakes as my least favorite. Spiders give me the creepy crawlies. But it is Halloween and spiders are most definitely a part of Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and have some fun!


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