Pumpkin Carving Madness-Part 1

We carved us some pumpkins this weekend. Because you HAVE to carve pumpkins for Halloween.

Oh yeah. Pumpkins baby!

As you all know, I’m a little pumpkin obsessed and I may or may not have gotten 4 pumpkins to carve for the sole purpose of roasting the seeds. I love pumpkin carving but the 4 pumpkins were most definitely purchased to make sure I had plenty of pumpkin seeds. On a side note, one of my best friends (sister really) called this weekend not knowing why her boyfriend was upset when she only bought one pumpkin to carve…one pumpkin that gave little to no seeds. I had to explain to her that you have to buy lots of pumpkins to carve so you can have lots of seeds to roast.

She may or may not think I’m a crazy person now.

Sorry back to the action!

Now, in my house, everyone has to get in on the pumpkin carving action. Baby Chaos was excluded because he was napping and there wasn’t much he could do. I suppose I could have made him clean out the pumpkins but that’s my favorite part.

I’m weird. I know.

Little Miss got in on all the action. She was thrilled to carve her some pumpkins. Except when it came time to actually carve the pumpkin. When it came to that part, she was suddenly tired and didn’t want to do anymore.

But she did a darn good job of getting the designs on the pumpkin.

Little Man wasn’t thrilled. The entire time I was cleaning the pumpkins he kept yelling, “YUCKY.”

So, he helped his daddy. They’re crazy when they’re together.

Moral of our pumpkin carving story…Hubs carved 1, Little Miss 0, Little Man 0, and Mommy 3. I now know to get as many pumpkins as I’m willing to carve out. Minus one. Thanks Hubs! I’m sure you’re ready for the big reveal. What did we carve? Did we do triangles for eyes and a circle for the nose? Or did we actually carve Spiderman and Princesses?

That’s a story for a different day. Stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal.


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