My kids have this thing. Actually, Little Miss has this thing but since Little Man copies what Little Miss does 99.99% of the time, they both have this thing.

They like to “get” you. They’ll run and hide and when you turn the corner, BAM, they there are trying their best to scare you. And every time after they yell “BOO,” they make sure to say, “GOT YOU!”

Except they don’t “get us” because they are the WORST at hiding. You can’t giggle when you hide. Or laugh. Or talk. But they do.

Occasionally they do good. Hide and don’t say a word. I keep trying to explain to Little Miss how she can get better at this game. For example, I tell her that when I say it’s time for them to get in the shower and she runs up the stairs and hides in the bathroom, she’s not going to get me. I know she’s going to the bathroom because that’s where the shower is. But if she were to hide in the nursery or her room and jump out and scream “BOO,” chances are she would scare me.

But it never fails. She and her brother always hide in the room you tell them you’re going to. Like when I tell Mr. Chaos I’m going to cook dinner so they “hide” under our kitchen table.

Or…when I tell Mr. Chaos I’m going to go up and change and they run into my closet.


Yeah. About that. They don’t get me…but sometimes…sometimes I go along with their silliness. “Oh my goodness you naughty children. You got me! I was SO scared.”

And I go along with the silliness because the smiles on their faces when they truly believe they “got you” and that you were completely 100% scared is priceless. And what’s life without the silliness?


One thought on “I GOT YOU!

  1. Grammie says:

    I am glad u act surprised. I can still remember my kids when they thought they pulled something over on me, how happy they were.

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