She’s at it Again

Little Miss. Well she’s done it again.

You may remember me talking about how Little Miss has a very special gift. The gift of getting people to do what she wants. Mostly Little Man and he’s typically her target of choice. Because he loves his sissy and will do anything for her. ANYTHING.

Yeah I know….what they heck is she going to get that poor boy to do.

She said they were playing the “hoppity hop” game. You know…the hoppity hop game. You haven’t heard of it. Of course you haven’t because Little Miss makes up most of the games she plays.


The rules to this game are pretty straight forward. I’ll try to remember them exactly how Little Miss told them.

1-get a ball

2-stuff it between your legs


3-jump around like you’ve never jumped before

4-You MUST scream and laugh the entire time even though it’s 5 minutes before bedtime. Even if your mom has said it’s time to settle down, you must scream and yell. If you don’t, then you’re not playing hoppity hop right.

5-hop all around the room and if you lose the ball…

you must put it back between your legs and start all over.

There is no winner of hoppity hop. It’s just for fun. So go and play hoppity hop people. It’s going to be a big hit. HUGE.

Well maybe not but my kids sure loved it.


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